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SEWA TECHNO INTERNATIONAL GROUP started its journey in 2014 and now has achieved a new height in Agro-chemical industry.

SEWA TECHNO INTERNATIONAL GROUP is an eminent manufacturer and supplier of Agrochemical crop protection products. We offer a vast Range of products, which includes Chemical Pesticides, Bio pesticides, Fungicides, Bio crop protector & Plant growth promoters, Micro nutrients and Water Soluble Fertilizers etc.

Our company considers providing top most quality products as the foremost priority as we firmly believe that it is the kind of quality of products being supplied that shapes up a particular business in the long run. We pay immense attention towards every process of production, in order to make sure that our products are of top quality. Therefore, we use the finest quality machines that are capable of emitting high quality output within a less time period.

Our Product Categories

Bio Product

Crop Protector

Soil Conditioner

Flower Stimulant

Organic Fungicide

Water Soluble Fertilizer

Agro Checmical Product

Micro Nutrients

We make quality Product which enhances the Company's reputation

Our company has been successfully operating all its business activities under the expert guidance.They have been acting as a motivating factor for our company as they appreciate the efforts made by our team from time to time. 


The Company envisions being a dominant global player in the field of agrochemical products. This shall be achieved through Customer Centric Processes, People Development, dedicated research work and operational excellence and shall occupy a place of pride in Agriculture and Biotechnology sector…!


The basic Mission of the Company is to offer “ Quality Consumer Products at affordable prices”. With Honesty, Integrity & the Commitment to Excellence, Techno International strives to achieve highest customer satisfaction with information product and services. Our Goal is to become a world-class company with Long Term Success.

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